Wedding Guest Book Idea – Group Painting

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Wedding guest books are something that can be saved and cherished, again and again, for many years to come. Brides & grooms around the world save these keepsakes and break them out, typically on important anniversaries to reminisce and reflect on their special day. After a recent post on “wine bottle guest book idea,” we thought it might be great to do another post like it. Are you looking for different spin on your wedding guest book?

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DJ TIP: Have Your Guests Paint You A Masterpiece Keepsake!

How about a creative wedding idea that really expresses who your friends and family are? As a twist to different collaborative efforts for a wedding guest book, why not bring out the artists in your friends and family members?

Here is a wedding guest book with no words; a wedding guest book group painting! I was the DJ at a recent wedding at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY (which by the way is a great place to have your wedding.)

At this particular wedding reception, the bride and groom decided to go alternative with their guest book, with a paint brush instead of a pen. With a few simple instructions, they had their guests paint whatever they wanted to represent themselves in a penciled in square on a blank canvas -using no words! You too can do this.

It is very simple and an easy side activity that you can add to your wedding with very little prep.


1) Provide a canvas with small penciled off boxes for each guest to make their painting.

2) Add some brushes, glasses of water and paint.

3) Write out some short instructions on a tiny chalkboard. (Decide if you want guests to use NO letters or writing of any kind.)

In the end, the newlyweds now have a great keepsake that they will hang in their new home to remind them of their special day!  You can almost make a game of it, too, in looking at the boxes and trying to figure out who painted what and what box equals which person. Be creative and try this at your wedding! If you you are afraid to forgo the traditional guest book for this idea… DO BOTH!

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2 responses on “Wedding Guest Book Idea – Group Painting

  1. Calie says:

    I can attest that this is a great idea 😉 It’s hanging up on our mantle now. Thank you so much for capturing this!!! You guys were the best DJ service we could have asked for and more.

    -Cal & Zac

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