Top 100 Dubstep song list

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dubstep top 100 list

Skrillex is Making Dubstep Crossover into The Mainstream

Official Top 100 Dubstep song list

Dubstep Defined– If you are not really familiar with Dubstep music, get ready, because it is starting to make an impact on the charts. Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music, best described as a robotic remix sound with overwhelming wobbley bass lines and reverberant drum patterns with clipped samples featuring occasional vocals in strategic places. Dubstep has become a very trending variety of music of late and is crossovering into movie soundtracks, as well as television commericals.

Making Mainsteam Waves – Dubstep and tracks with Dubstep influence are now significantly making their presence felt the Billboard hot 100 charts. This means this brand of music is a genre now making mainstream appeal, whether the undergroud fans like it or not. Back in 2008, another artist, deadmau5 saw three of his tracks (all collaborations as much of Dubstep songs are) “Move for Me” and “I Remember” with Kaskade; “Ghosts N Stuff” with Rob Swire, reach number-one on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart. This year, 2012, marked the first year we really saw Dubstep tracks holding ground and grabbing mainstream attention, with one of its biggest artists, Skrillex, being nominated for five different categories in the Grammies, and actually winning 3 of them.

We topped the list with the big Skrillex crossover track “Bangerang! feat. Sirah” which has topped the national charts for a number of weeks now in March 2012, finding its way onto top 40 pop playlists everywhere.

Here is the Top 100 Dubstep list that I have compiled of the top 100 Dubstep songs by 2012, by looking at multiple fan-favorite lists online. If you see something you really feel is missing, feel free to add below in the comment section.

TOP 100 Dubstep List by DJ Kenny Casanova

1. Bangerang! feat. Sirah (Original Mix) – Skrillex (Original Mix)
2. Oh Snap! (Original Mix) – Eptic
3. Must Be The Feeling (Flux Pavilion & Nero Remix) – Nero (UK) Nero (UK), Flux Pavilion
4. Stars Come Out (Datsik Remix) – Zedd & Datsik
5. Levels (Skrillex Remix) – Avicii & Skrillex
6. Light It Up feat. Heather Bright (Original Mix) & Flinch, Heather Bright
7. Headrush feat. Belle Humble (Original Mix) & 501
8. Whiskers (Original Mix) – Feed Me, Gemini (UK)
9. Make My Whole World (Original Mix) – Trolley Snatcha
10. Fire Hive (Original Mix) – Knife Party
11. Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix) – Nero (UK) & Skrillex
12. Station Seven (Original Mix) – Downlink
13. Phat Sack (Original Mix) – Triage, The Bassist, J-Sonic

dupbstep top 100 list

Dubstep Remixes Often Take Club Electronica DJs / Artists like Steve Aoki and Make Their Dance Tracks Dubstep by Adding A Wobble Bassline That Optimus Prime & The Transformers Would Enjoy

14. Brutal (Original Mix) – Excision
15. You Got To Go feat. Zoe Johnston (Seven Lions Remix) – Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston & Seven Lions
16. Must Be The Feeling (Kill The Noise Remix) – Nero (UK) & Kill The Noise
17. Kiss My Lips (Original Mix) – Dev, Borgore
18. Never Change (Original) – Hulk, Messinian
19. Ghosts N Stuff -with Rob Swire – deadmau5
20. Difference (J:Kenzo Remix) – DJ Madd, TMSV
21. Led Astray (Culprate Remix) – Friction & Culprate
22. Come Find Me (Phrenik Remix) – Ascendance, The Nineties, Cori Pena & Phrenik
23. Patron & Kush (Calvertron Kush-Step Mix) – Sporty-O & Calvertron
24. Split The Atom (Kito Remix) – Noisia & Kito
25. Altered States (Original Mix) – Mesck
26. Breakn’ A Sweat (Original Mix) – The Doors, Skrillex
27. Deathray (Original Mix) – Eptic
28. Love Drunk Feat. Dom Liberati (Original Mix) – Fei-Fei
29. Party Alarm (Original Mix) – Downlink
30. Crowd Control (Original Mix) – Excision, Downlink
31. Flesh & Bone feat. Rod Azlan (Dismantle Remix) – EmalKay
32. Somebody To Love (Original Mix) – Rusko
33. Falling Skies (Original Mix) – 501
34. Storm (Original Mix) – Dark Tantrums
35. Hit Me (Original Mix) – Zeds Dead
36. Lights (Bassnectar Remix) – Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar
37. Fire (Original Mix) – Hot Noizes
38. Still Getting It feat. Skrillex (Original Mix) – Foreign Beggars, Skrillex
39. Like A Boss (Original Mix) – Eptic
40. Phat Sack (Radio Mix) – Triage, The Bassist, S-MAK, J-Sonic
41. Turn To Me (Original Mix) – Monty
42. DIY (Original Mix) – Savoy
43. Fully Blown (feat. Snak The Ripper) (Original Mix) – Datsik
44. Solace One Ft. Black Sun Empire (Datsik Remix) – Black Sun Empire, Foreign Beggars & Datsik
45. Get Money (Original Mix) – Triage, The Bassist
46. Program (Original Mix) – DJ Madd, LX One
47. Wish On A Star (Original Mix) – Rednek
48. Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) – Blue Foundation & Zeds Dead
49. Spitfire (Original Mix) – Porter Robinson
50. LDN Ft. Alix Perez (Eddie K & Statix) – Alix Perez, Foreign Beggars & Statix, Eddie K
51. Flex Ft Shay (Borgore Dubstep Remix) – Shay, Borgore
52. Flesh & Bone feat. Rod Azlan (The Others Remix) – EmalKay, Rod Azlan & The Others
53. Summit feat. Ellie Goulding (Original Mix) – Skrillex
54. Eyes feat. Mindy Gledhill (Alvin Risk Remix) – Kaskade, Mindy Gledhill & Alvin Risk
55. When I’m Gone feat. Domonique Porter (Original Mix) – Flinch, Domonique Porter
56. I’m in the House – Steve Aoki (feat. Zuper Blahq)
57. Everyday (Netsky Remix) – Rusko & Netsky
58. Who Is Ready To Jump (Dillon Francis Remix) – Chuckie & Dillon Francis
59. Before The Sun (Original Mix) – Excision, Downlink, Ajapai
60. First Of The Year (Equinox) (Original Mix) – Skrillex
61. Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Original Mix) – Skrillex
62. Impulse (Original Mix) – Taiki, Nulight
63. iLLest Android (Original Mix) – FS
64. Full Russian (Original Mix) – X Kore
65. Breakin’ A Sweat (EP Version) – The Doors, Skrillex
66. Feel So Close (Nero Remix) – Nero (UK)
67. Los Angeles (Tim Ismag Remix) – Quartus Saul & Tim Ismag
68. Get Out My Head (Joker Remix) – Redlight & Joker
69. Louder feat. Sian Evans (Doctor P & Flux Pavillion Remix) – DJ Fresh & Doctor P, Flux Pavillion
70. Choose Me II (Original Mix) – Xilent
71. Crush On You (KillSonik Remix) – Nero (UK)
72. Cloudburn (Original Mix) – Tasha Baxter, Feed Me
73. Fast Forward (Original Mix) – Eptic

top 100 dubstep tracks for 2012

Deadmau5 is a Dubstep and Electronica DJ Who ALways Performs With A Giant Mouse Head Mask On

74. Swings Joint (Original Mix) – FS
75. Cinema feat. Gary Go (Skrillex Remix) – Benny Benassi, Gary Go & Skrillex
76. Dirty Bass (Original Mix) – Monty
77. Whats Up Whats Up (Original Mix) – Proper Villains
78. Right In (Original Mix) – Skrillex
79. Acid Reign (Pinch’s Dubplate Version) – Photek, Pinch & Pinch
80. Time To Go (Tremourz-n-Obsidian Remix) – Dirty It Up & Obsidian, Tremourz
81. Junglist (Original Mix) – DJ Madd
82. Unborn (Original Mix) – Dark Tantrums
83. Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix) – Noisia & 16 Bit
84. Stars Come Out (Terravita Remix) – Zedd & Terravita
85. Strange Behaviour (Original Mix) – Tasha Baxter, Feed Me
86. Love Drunk Feat. Dom Liberati (TBMA Remix) – Fei-Fei & The Bolivian Marching Affair
87. Space Ranger (Original Mix) – Protohype
88. Let Go (L Plus Drumstep Mix) – Crissy Criss & L Plus
99. Belly (Original Mix) – Soap Dodgers
90. Blame (Original Mix) – Distance, Tunnidge
91. A Bad Place (Minnesota Remix) – Mimi Page, Shotgun Radio Minnesota
92. Tetris (Original Mix) – Doctor P
93. What You Know (Original Mix) – Hot Noizes
94. Black Rain On Shaken Lands (Original Mix) – Parsley Joe
95. Nosebleed (Sinister Souls Remix) – Sinister Souls
96. Take My Gun! (Original Mix) – DJ Antention
97. Tommy’s Theme (Original Mix) – Noisia
98. The Hero (Original Mix) – Nostalgia
99. Plastic VIP (Original Mix) – Vannin
100. I Need You feat. Charlotte Haining (Original Mix) – Rameses B

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4 responses on “Top 100 Dubstep song list

  1. ... says:

    dotexe, tristam, fonik, ephixa, vexare, klaypex and most of all adventure club have no spots??? If i made a list thats all id put for 1 – 25 with some nero and skrillex mixed in >:( meanwhile datsik has 4!

  2. Tony C says:

    I only took a quick look but:

    Common mistake: Bangarang is Moombahton, a sub genre of Electro House
    Even if you debated sub genre’s existence, Bangarang would go in Electro House, slowed down. It’s clearly not 140bpm, not shuffled, not a half beat. Not Dubstep. Wub sounds do not make Dubstep and are found in Drum and Bass, Glitch hop, Electro House, Progressive House, etc. It’s like saying a song is rock because it has guitar. Some people would say “big deal, so what?” but to have a Moombahton EH track as #1 on a Dubstep list instantly makes the list unreliable and confusing for newbs. :/

    Deadmau5 “Move for Me” and “I Remember” with Kaskade are Electro House tracks. Ghosts N Stuff is as well but there is Dubstp remix by Nero that you didn’t mention. Deamau5 has maybe 2 Dubstep tracks and some remixes.

    There are a lot of other mistakes here but this a year old so i don’t know that anyone is concerned.
    Like, I’m in the House – Steve Aoki (feat. Zuper Blahq)? There is little known “The Count Aka Herves Burning Down Your House Remix” but you didn’t mention it and no one spins it. I’m in the House was a top Electro House track.

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