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Wedding Dates to Avoid – Wedding Date Selection

Here is a list of holidays in 2012 and 2013 that you should be aware of when planning your wedding date selection, or any other party for that matter. There are a billion things to think about when planning your wedding in Albany NY or around the world, but what some people do not take into account is the importance of the actual date selection itself on the calendar.

How To Pay The Wedding Bills

Do you want the wedding of your dreams, but don’t have the cash? A part-time job is a great way to pay things off and get the extra things you want in life! Here are some good resources to use, in case you are thinking about taking on some side work, so that you too can have the wedding of your dreams!

Wedding Prime Rib & Chicken – Bait & Switch

DJ Kenny Casanova rants about his love of Prime Rib, and proposes an alleged “Chicken Switch” conspiracy theory that he always seems to get hit with.

Avoid Wedding Disasters Top 10 List

There are many little things that can throw your wedding off and perhaps classify it under a “Wedding Disaster” category. However, a number of these things can be avoided with no cost at all to the bride and groom. Here is a list of things to remember when you are planning your wedding, to avoid your own wedding disaster.

Top 10 Wedding Planning Advice Tip List in Albany, NY

If you are planning a wedding around Albany, NY, or anywhere else in the world, this “Top 10 Wedding Planning Advice Tip List” is one that can help. Along with the tips, our DJ Kenny Casanova has provided commentary for each point, explaining some failures he has witnessed in the Albany, NY Capital Region area that could have been avoided wioth some simple planning.

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