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spiral wedding ceremony dj

Spiral wedding ceremony


Who wants their wedding to be just like everyone else’s? If your answer is, “Not me!” – then here is a real neat idea that you may have not seen before. How about shaking up your ceremony seating? Instead of the typical straight row layout for your chairs, remove the element of what everyone expects.  Put your own “spin” on your wedding ceremony!

You can still have a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony, yet be creative with your seating at the same time.  Sitting your guests in a completely different arrangement than they are used to sets the mood for the rest of the night.

Spin your guests head and set a fun and unique tone!

spiral wedding ceremony dj

Surround yourself with family & friends with this fun formation


1) WEDDING PARTY POSITIONING:  Think about where your bridesmaids and groomsmen will stand and in what formation. In some seating arrangements, there may not be room for all your attendants to stand alongside you and your groom. Worry not as  they can always be seated, instead.

2) FUN GUEST CONFUSION: Guests are accustomed to facing forward and know exactly where the couple will be positioned. Alternative layouts may leave guests guessing where the best seats are!

3) USHER ROLES: Once guests arrive, you don’t want them to be confused or hesitant to sit because they’re not used to the seating layout. Whether you have ushers directing guests or signage explaining the set-up, make sure you communicate to guests what your expectations are for them.

spiral wedding ceremony dj

Choose alternatives to the spiral idea!

4) PICTURES: Whenever planning a location for your wedding, always think background. It is important to pay attention to what is behind you as your backdrop for your ceremony photos. Consider where your photographer will be positioned to get the best shots and what you’ll likely see in the background in those images.

5) SOUND:  How tight or loose your spiral is will affect how well people hear the wedding officiant. If you want everyone to hear what’s being said, think about how far away the furthest guest is to be seated from the action.

6) WHERE IS YOUR AISLE? You’ll need to figure out the best place to position your walkway; one that makes the most sense for the ceremony. Angling your wedding party to enter the wedding ceremony may need to be strategic.

7) ALTERNATIVE SHAPES: These could include horseshoes, complete circles, or squaring off the edges of circular seating arrangements.


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