Silent DJ Party at SUNY Albany

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518-506-3305 – The term “SILENT DJ PARTY” (aka Silent Disco) means that all the guests have headphones. These are no regular headphones, however. Each set has volume,  blinking LED lights on the ears and headband, and also a button that clicks to let you access 3 different live channels.

The guests can then switch back and forth and listen to the DJ they want, playing the type of music or particular song they want to dance to. When they switch channels, the headphone set turns a different color so the other people know which DJ they are listening to. When a lot of people are turning to one particular color, it often makes others follow to join in on the tune!

Silent DJ jams are super fun with zero noise from the DJs! The only thing you really hear is laughing and some singing along. The possibilities are endless.

Teaming up with Silent Storm, this particular Silent DJ event took place right after the new student, freshman seminar at SUNY Albany. With 2,500 students on hand, they said we drew 1,250 students to this dance. DJ Kenny Casanova was blue offering his hip hop channel, DJ Maria was red on pop, and Chris The Shockmaster was green on EDM.

We had a blast providing the channels for this event, working some humor into the playlist as well. IT was great to see the crowd reaction to intentionally throw a stinker into the mix that would instantly turn everyone’s headphones a different color. One of the funniest moments was when Kenny Casanova randomly played John Cena’s WWE ring entrance theme. The audience response was NOT what we had expected! Everyone actually turned on the blue channel and listened to the whole song and danced to it!

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