Wedding Ideas from Schenectady DJ

Wedding Guestbook Ideas from Schenectady DJ No idea what to do for a guestbook at your wedding? Why not go for the sampler platter?! Here are some pictures from a wedding I did at The Stockade Inn in Schenectady NY. They did a great job decorating. I particularly liked their guestbook area, where they took […]

Princess Theme Birthday DJ at Saratoga Museum of Dance

Need Princess Theme Birthday Ideas ? Here is a 10-year-old “Princess Theme Birthday” that we were the DJ for at Saratoga Springs, NY’s Museum of Dance. They had a princess dress up booth/photo booth, colorful uplights, a great twisty balloon maker ( ) and also our DJ set up! SOME PRINCESS BIRTHDAY IDEAS “Princess Parade” – Have […]

A Great Wedding for $1,000 in Schenectady?

A WEDDING HALL AND FOOD FOR UNDER $1,000? Looking to really save yourself some money on your wedding and still have it come off great? It can happen if you plan everything correctly. A recent affordable wedding I DJ’ed at South Schenectady Fire House Banquet went perfectly and was classy, to boot. The hall is new, […]

Tripod Poster Guestbook Idea – Using a Marker Whiteboard

Tripod Poster Guestbook Idea – Using a Marker Whiteboard Whenever a big party is thrown, a nice idea to create a memory keepsake is to put out a guestbook. It is nice to have something to look at years down the line when you are older that will help  you remember which of your friends […]

Prom DJ in Leeds NY – Great Place for a Wedding or Banquet

Coxsackie-Athens High School Junior Prom a Success at Anthony’s of Leeds I just had the pleasure of working at Anthony’s Banquet Hall. What a great place to have your next event! I hadn’t worked here before, but I have to say, Anthony’s has one of the best in-house light show for dancing than I have […]

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