Geeky Wedding Cake Ideas

NERDY WEDDING CAKE IDEA PICTURE GALLERY BELOW Before you met your significant other, if you were best friends with your laptop, and if Siri was the only woman willing to talk to you without being paid, then this wedding cake article could be for you. Since you are reading this, you are probably finally about to boldly go where no man has […]

Geeky Engagement & Wedding Rings for Nerds

ENGAGEMENT / WEDDING RING IDEA PICTURE GALLERY BELOW Engagement rings and wedding are meant to be special to the people who wear them. This post is to help those who need help finding the right ring for a particular kind of person. Other than your significant other, if you are best friends with your laptop and Siri is about the only […]

How To Hashtag Your Wedding

Here is an idea for your wedding. Have your guests “hastag the hell” out of it! CREATE YOUR OFFICIAL WEDDING HASHTAG For those of you not familiar with the term, “Hashtagging” is creating an easy way of searching social-networking Web sites for pictures, videos or status updates relating to a specific topic. Simply enough, when you hashtag (#) a word or phrase, […]

Plan Your Own Funny Wedding Picture

PLANNING A “KEEPER” WEDDING PHOTO THAT IS SPECIAL TO YOU Here is something to think about, when it comes to customizing your wedding day, specifically when looking at the photos being taken. The picture to  the left is a picture of a typical wedding. This one, in particular, was shot in the new courtyard at the […]

Spiral Wedding Ceremony Idea – Circular

SPIRAL WEDDING SEATING Who wants their wedding to be just like everyone else’s? If your answer is, “Not me!” – then here is a real neat idea that you may have not seen before. How about shaking up your ceremony seating? Instead of the typical straight row layout for your chairs, remove the element of what everyone expects.  Put […]

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