The State Room Albany NY Wedding DJ Set Up

A Clean DJ Set Up at The State Room Albany NY The State Room in Albany NY is an awesome place to have a Wedding, with all the decor and columns. However, it is a tough place for a DJ to set up. Here is a video of what we did recently at a wedding […]

Wedding Bathroom Ideas

IDEAS FOR THE ROOM AT YOUR WEDDING THAT IS MOST OFTEN FORGOTTEN For the guests who have to go… Want to dress up the bathroom at your wedding? Here are some neat ideas for decorating your washroom on your wedding day.

Wedding Water Cooler idea

Cool Wedding Water Cooler Idea Here is a great wedding water cooler idea, for people who don’t want to drink water at a wedding (which is mostly everyone.) How about making your own custom coolers with whatever beverage you want to spout on tap? The picture speaks for itself! How To Make a Custom Wedding Non-Water Water […]

Jenga Wedding Guest Book

MAKE YOUR OWN JENGA WEDDING GUEST BOOK Have you ever heard of a Jenga guest book? Well first off, maybe, what is Jenga? Well first off, Jenga is derived from a Swahili word meaning “to build.”  But that doesn’t explain the game. Jenga is a game of physical and mental skill created by Leslie Scott, and […]

Ring Bearer Wedding Ideas – Albany NY DJ tip

Alternative Ring Bearer Wedding Ideas Having a young kid be the Ring Bearer is a great idea. It makes for cute pictures and can totally help lend to the moment. After a some research, some sources say the tradition of a young person carrying the ring evolved from Ancient Egypt, where it was customary for […]

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