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Saratoga Springs NY Wedding DJ Recommendation

A great thank you letter to us for being their DJ…


These customers pleasently surprized me, almost six months later after their wedding, with some very nice words about our services.

Anna and Stephen Rogers were great to work with, as well as their venue staff at Chirst The King, 575 Burton Road in Greenwich, NY.  Anna covered all the bases for someone looking for a review on me as a DJ. A full review was pretty much right in her thank you letter. Therefore, I asked if I could print it here, and they agreed without hesitation.  So here it is:



Dear Kenny:

Thank you so much for DJ’ing our wedding! It was so wonderful to have you there; I still get comments from our guests who say that you were truly amazing– and I agree 😀 …Steve still says, “He played what I would have wanted him to play, even though I never wrote those songs down… It’s like he was in my head!”

I apologize for this email being 5 months late, but seriously and beyond a doubt you are, by FAR, the best DJ I have ever been in the presence of! You blended my wishes seamlessly with my husband; Country, Christian, Rock, Celtic rock… (I am the girl who likes country who was marrying the man who hates it). I don’t think Steve stopped dancing until the reception was over. I think he would have KEPT dancing forever, frankly.

Thank you SO SO much!!! You made a magical night even better! Even all of the event Staff from Christ the King said that this was the best music they had EVER had there (I think they get a lot more older, conservative, christian weddings). They literally thanked Steve and I separately at least once per staff person (for going with you as the DJ.)

Steve was ecstatic at the light show and the glow necklaces and, even though that sounds like a rave, it was still classy, elegant and wonderful.

Your energy is electric and wonderful and we can’t thank you enough. You truly helped to make a memorable night even more amazing for everyone– our guests being happy on the happiest day of our lives meant the world to us and you delivered in full force.

Anna and Stephen Rogers

PS – Feel free to use me as a reference if you ever want to!”

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