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  1. video confessional boothVideo Confessional Booth –  Want to take the boring, played out idea of a traditional photobooth shoot to the ext level? Have your guests confess and have a video condfessional booth set up so people can tell their sins. In the spirit of reality TV, have your guests record a quick on-screen message for you of well-wishes, or better yet, some naughty or funny story that happened at the wedding. This is the perfect way to know which of your guests needed to get voted off the island!
  2. Ceremony Cue Cards – Want a fun ceremony? Add cue cards. They can say anything and will get a great response!

    Have a cue card guy, or hand cards out to random people in the audience.

    Have a cue card guy, or hand cards out to random people in the audience.

  3. Reception Ushers – Have some stubborn guests coming to your wedding? I’m sure you are going to have ceremony ushers, but why not do the same for the reception itself. Quite often, it is very difficult to coral the guest in from the cocktail hour – but this is the perfect way!
  4. Pizza Run Midnight Snack – want to keep attendance up? Bring out more grub! A slider bar, a smores roasting table, a milkshake spread, or a DIY taco tray are all ways to keep the party rolling. If it were a straight up pizza delivery guy delivering the fun, that would probably be even better!
  5. Hot Air Balloons – If you need to shuttle from the ceremony to the reception, why not take wedding transportation to new heights? How about a magical hot air balloon ride? Make sure to add a “Bride and Groom’s wedding or bust” sign!
  6. A guest at the end of each aisle hands the bride a piece of her bouquet...

    A guest at the end of each aisle hands the bride a piece of her bouquet…

    Built Bouquet – Have a small basket at the end of each aisle for your ceremony, each with one flower in it. Have guests hand the bride a flower as she walks down the aisle and create her own bouquet live as she walks!

  7. Blindfold the Groom – for the first look, make the groom wear a sleep-gear-like blindfold. This way, there is further anticipation, and the first thing he sees at the ceremony is his beautiful bride in full regalia.
  8. Face Painting Booth – Want to add color and fun to your wedding? Set up a face painting booth to make the party even more fun and over-the-top.
  9. Air Guitar Basket – You have probably seen the basket of flip flops for dancing. Borrowing from this idea, put out an empty basket and label it “air guitars.” Then pass the basket around and have your guests mime that they are taking an axe out of it to jam with during your best rocking rock song!

    Imagine the jamming potential!

    Imagine the jamming potential!

  10. Official Hashtag – Social Media is everywhere. You know already that your guests will be taking pictures of the event. Why don’t you create the official hashtag for your wedding and plaster the place with your soon-to-be-trending keyword? After the wedding reception, all you need to do is search the hashtag and find more pictures from different perspectives after your special day!
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One response on “2018 Crazy Wedding Ideas – Top 10 List

  1. Kerri B says:

    A weird idea I’ve seen is to have your RSVP cards be a madlib. It would read like

    “We are so __(adjective)__ to be invited to your wedding. It’ll be a real ___(noun)____. We hope the dj plays __(song)__ by __(musician)____. You guys are such a ___(adjective)______ couple!

    Yes, __(number)__ of us will be attending and ready to ___(verb)____.
    No, we are ___(adjective)___ to say that we will not be attending.”

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